Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ghost Who Comes and Goes

I shouldn't bother writing comedy anymore, because my life has become one ongoing sketch, never short on punchlines and one-liners. The universe never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh. Whenever I start feeling a little emo about one thing, something else comes along to take my mind of off it. I swear I think things and then they happen...but only things I don't want to have happen. Maybe it's a sixth sense, maybe people are predictable. While everything that happens to me ends up making a wonderful story later on, I'm still the one living through them. It's gone past the point of absurdity. Maybe the only people for me really are the mad ones.

I don't get it. At all. What do you want from me? Why do you even think about me?

My life story should be written into a movie, nay, a musical. Consisting solely of songs from 1960's girl groups. Excellent.

Jeff Buckley might need to be thrown in there too.

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