Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Am I a Clown? Do I Amuse You?

What's going to happen next? I can't think of anything else at the moment that could possibly make the wound that is my life sting a little bit more. Thank goodness I have a sense of humor. Someone without a funny bone would probably turn to drugs or therapy (or both) to escape. All I want to know is what's next. Even last night, mid-crisis in the middle of a crosswalk, arms flailing I listed the only plausible (not really) events that should follow scene one and two. And without missing a beat, the universe gave me that. Sort of. I got an e-mail from someone I said I would get an e-mail from, timed perfectly. "Here we go!" I said to my roommate. I had excepted the e-mail to read, "Dana, I'm engaged. " or, "I'm dead," or something else dramatic. When it rains it pours. Luckily, it was a simple hello. Whew. All that build up for nothing. Thank goodness! I would have lost it. I wasn't even upset over what took place, but one thing after another, in a half hour span is kind of rough. I'm convinced the earthquake in Chile messed with the Earth's rotation and my life and presumably everyone else's. That's when this all started, that Saturday. My entire world was literally shaken up. Yes that sounds absurd, but everything was peachy keen before then. Now my days have turned into nothing but shoulder shrugs. I give up! I surrender to you universe! I can't even think about things anymore without them coming into being. But they're never good things. Oh no. Maybe this is all happening to become fodder for my writing. Which is great and all but come on, a person can only take so much. It's long passed the point of ridiculous. At least these stories have amused others, and myself. So what if the joke is perpetually on me? The only good to come out of this earthquake (Life quake, perhaps?) is that Mr. Big has decided to e-mail me everyday, even just to say Hi. It's been a week already, and he hasn't missed a day yet. Everyone I told this to responded with a groan and/or an eyeroll, and that's fine. Just like everything else I'm not taking it seriously, I'm not even going to spend time thinking about it (except while writing a blog about it). It makes me happy to know that he has to think about me everyday. Has and wants to do so. I guess the earthquake shook things in the right direction, at least regarding him. Everything else, like those buildings, have collapsed abruptly, and without warning. Too soon for earthquake metaphors? Nothing has actually been as dramatic as I made them seem, that was my Carrie moment, because I felt like that's something lame she'd write. I think the fact that I still manage to reference "Sex and the City" is worse than my metaphor. I should stop typing now. The name Mr. Big stays though!

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