Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi, Lloyd. Little slow tonight, isn't it?

It's always fun to find new places to hang out at in this city. I'd be denying all three of you who read this information on the new NYC hotspot if I didn't tell you all about it through this blog. This past Wednesday night my friend/co-worker and I were going to get a drink after work. After walking in and out of one place hosting a "Broadway Bares" party, and then another (a Japanese karaoke restaurant), we realized there are a handful of hotel bars in the surrounding area. En route to one on Park, we passed the Madison Tower Hotel (I think that's the name of it) which was advertising its since passed "Jolly Hour" at the Whaler Bar. OBVIOUSLY we had to go in. The hotel is empty, the front desk people don't even blink an eye to the two people awkwardly walking in, giggling. It took us a minute to find the door to this Whaler Bar, but when we did, oh boy. This place is not so much a bar, but more so a huge living room/cigar lounge filled with couches and tables, a piano, and an odd portrait of a dog in a general's uniform. There's no one in there except the bartender. It was like the bar in "The Shining," but instead of Lloyd the bartender's name is Dan. Even in its absurdity we still had to get a drink there. After one round we talked to Dan for about five minutes, listened to him berate the bar and then he gave us free drinks. We got there at 11:30, it closed at midnight. At 12 Dan closed do the bar, packed up his stuff and left, shutting the doors behind him...with us still there. Not only did we get free drinks, but now we get to sit in this huge, creepy room unattended! Excellent! Nothing exciting happened, we had another coworker meet us in order to experience this with us. But think of the possibilities! Even Dan said we could do anything, watch porn on the televisions (Then he said, "Or make our own." Which was creepy.)Next week we're going to do a photo shoot, the week after? Who knows! Guerilla theater? Orgy? Tea party? I kept expecting the hotel's cleaning staff to come in and kick us out. Never happened. So for all of you in need of a new hang out, check at the Whaler Bar. It's hilariously bad, but I'll take hilarious over loud, crowded, and obnoxious-meaning 95% of bars in this town.

This entry was in no way entertaining, rather educational. I am learning you on new places to go in this city. I think all the dye currently on my hair messed with my wit too. Oh well. I can't be "on" all the time. If ever.

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